Seating plan

Please find the seating plan for Somnologists at the menue item "SEATING PLAN". Each participant is assigned with name and number to a certain seat in the lecture hall. You will find your number pinned to the seat.




12:00 - 13:15 Technologists Theoretical part 

14.00 - 15:30 Somnologists 

16:00 - 19.00 Technologists Practical part




Universita' degli studi di Bologna

Edificio di Fisiologia del Dipartimento di Scienze Biomediche e NeuroMotorie,

Piazza P.ta San Donato 2, 40126 Bologna, Italy



Notification of acceptance of the applications

All applicants received a notification via email about the acceptance of their application



User accounts

All user accounts are activated again.



User accounts

Please note that all user accounts are blocked at the moment. We will reopen them on June 20 to proceed with the payment process for all applicants, who were considered as eligible.




All applicants will be notified regarding the acceptance of their application on June 17 and 18 by email.



Over 200 applications from 29 countries!

The Examination Committees and the ESRS Sleep Medicine Examinations Office started the process of evaluation of the applications.

We are working hard to assess the eligibility of every single applicant. Sometimes we require additional informations and documents in order to get a complete record.  

Due to the extraordinary numbers of applications we have to reorganize the settings of the examination in Bologna.

Especially the starting times of the different examinations for somnologists and technologists have to be adapted. (TBA)


The online application is closed now! 


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The online application is open now.